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Cincinnati, OH



Ben formed Paper Bridges in 2012. Since then, they've continued to write, record and perform their music despite numerous speed bumps and set backs. They try to create music that is diverse and unique, with influences ranging from Fleetwood Mac to The Descendents; from Dire Straits to John Prine. Folk, indie, rock, alternative, country, and punk are all flavors you'll find in Paper Bridges music.


With multiple, professionally shot videos, a four-track EP "The End Never Comes," and a full-length album on the way, Paper Bridges is well on their way bigger and better things. Their songs are designed to tug at your heart strings and written well enough to break them with personal and meaningful lyrics that cut deep. It's quite difficult to describe a musical genre in which they can be type cast. Every live show is a new experience for both the band and the audience. When the full-length hits the streets, so too will the band. Expect more tour dates and more videos in the very near future.

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"Brother, Don't We All" Official Video

"The End Never Comes" Official Video

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